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Bluetooth, USB & AUX, Isofix, Parking sensors, Air conditioning, GPS

Peugeot 208

€44.00 per day
Small car
5 Doors
5 Seats
4,7 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Outside width
2,04 m
Outside height
1,47 m
Outside length
4,39 m

Cruise control, Bluetooth, Isofix, Parking sensors, GPS, Air conditioning

Peugeot 308 SW

from €47.00 per day
Midsize car
5 Doors
5 Seats
3,9 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Affordable car hire in Geel

Welcome to Geel, a charming town located in Belgium, known for its rich historical heritage, green spaces, and welcoming atmosphere. If you're considering a visit to this beautiful region, you'll be pleased to know that Oscar Car Rental is at your service in Geel.

With over 40 locations across Belgium, we take pride in offering our car rental services in this lovely town. Whether you're here for a family getaway, a business trip, or solo exploration, a rental car can enhance your experience by providing optimal mobility to explore all the treasures Geel has to offer.

On this page, we'll introduce you to some of the must-sees of Geel and how you can fully enjoy them with an Oscar rental car.

Rent a car in Geel

When the idea of renting a car in Geel crosses your mind, it's essential to choose a reliable, versatile, and efficient provider. At Oscar Car Rental, we are well aware of your specific needs. We take pride in offering a wide range of vehicles in Geel to help you find the perfect car for your next journey.

Whether you opt for a compact car to explore the city or a spacious wagon for a family getaway, Oscar Car Rental in Geel has the solution you need.

If you're planning to rent a car in Geel, Oscar Car Rental is the trusted partner to meet your needs and budget. Explore our wide selection in Geel today.

Rent a van in Geel

If you're looking for the best van rental options in Geel, you're in the right place with Oscar. We understand that sometimes extra space is essential, whether it's for moving, professional needs, or group outings. That's why we provide a wide range of spacious and comfortable vans in Geel, ensuring that you'll always find the perfect solution to meet your requirements.

Our vans are well-maintained and equipped with all the necessary features to ensure a comfortable journey. If you're in need of van rental in Geel, trust Oscar Car Rental for quality and reliability.

Explore our extensive selection and make your next project or outing in Geel hassle-free.

Minibus rental in Geel

When the need to rent a minibus in Geel arises, you can always rely on the comprehensive services of Oscar Car Rental. We understand that traveling in a group sometimes requires a spacious and comfortable solution. That's why we provide minibuses that can accommodate up to 9 people in Geel, allowing you to travel in great company.

Our minibuses are modern, well-maintained, and equipped with all the necessary amenities to offer you as enjoyable a journey as possible. Whether you're going on a trip with friends, a family getaway, or a business trip, if minibus rental in Geel is on the agenda, Oscar Car Rental is the trusted partner for quality and convenience.

Moving truck rental in Geel

When it's time to move in Geel, you want to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. At Oscar Car Rental, we understand the needs of people in the midst of a move, which is why we provide spacious moving trucks for rent in Geel. Our moving trucks are equipped with practical liftgates, allowing you to load and unload with ease.

If you're in search of moving truck rental in Geel, you've come to the right place. We ensure that our vehicles are in perfect condition and meet all your moving-related requirements.

Our goal is to make your moving day as smooth as possible, and with our moving trucks and professional service, we're ready to assist you at every step of the moving process.

Long-term car rental in Geel

At Oscar Car Rental, we understand that some people are looking for a long-term solution for their mobility needs, combining flexibility and convenience. That's why we offer Oscar Car Subscription, an all-inclusive long-term car rental service in Geel and beyond.

With Oscar Car Subscription, you can enjoy an experience that includes insurance, maintenance, and taxes, without any upfront payment. The best part is that you can cancel the subscription each month, leaving you with complete freedom and no long-term commitments.

Whether you're staying in Geel temporarily or simply want to enjoy the flexibility of long-term car rental, Oscar Car Subscription provides the freedom and convenience you're looking for. Explore the many benefits of this service today and enjoy mobility on your terms.

Car rental for business clients in Geel

For businesses and professional clients in Geel, Oscar Car Rental offers tailor-made solutions. Our business car rental services are designed to meet the specific needs of professional clients. Whether it's providing fleet solutions for your company, making temporary professional vehicles available, or facilitating business travel, we're ready to assist you.

Our comprehensive fleet includes passenger cars and vans, allowing you to choose vehicles that fit your professional needs. Plus, we offer competitive rates and flexible terms to make your business travel efficient and cost-effective.

At Oscar Car Rental, we understand the importance of mobility for your business, and we strive to offer you the best solutions in Geel and beyond. Contact us today to discover how we can help optimize your business mobility in Geel.

Top attractions in Geel with a rental car

The best attractions in Geel easily accessible by rental car

Saint Dymphna's Abbey

Saint Dymphna's Abbey is a famous pilgrimage site in Geel. Located in a green setting, this medieval church is dedicated to Saint Dymphna, the patron saint of those suffering from mental disorders. Visiting this historic abbey offers both a spiritual and cultural experience.

De Werft Cultural Center

De Werft Cultural Center is a must-visit for arts and entertainment enthusiasts. It offers a variety of performances, ranging from theater and dance to music. Check the program to attend a local or international show.

Renting a car in Geel will allow you to fully enjoy these attractions while easily exploring the city and its picturesque surroundings. Take advantage of the freedom your rental vehicle provides to discover all that Geel has to offer.

Find out the most frequently asked questions by our customers in Geel

Find a selection of the main questions about our rental service in Geel:

What is the price to rent a car in Geel?

At Oscar Car Rental we have very competitive rates. You can rent one of our vehicles at an affordable price starting from €44.00 per day with Oscar Car Rental in Geel.

Is there any extra charge in case of being a driver under 25 years old?

No, we do not charge any extra fee. When you rent a car in Geel, you pay the same regardless of your age. You may be asked to pay a higher deposit, but don't worry, because it will be refunded at the end of the reservation, if everything went well with the vehicle. Please note that some of our vehicles have age restrictions.

Can I drive a van with my license?

Yes, everyone with a standard driving license (type B) can drive our vans and trucks. You can rent one of our vehicles in Geel using the search function on our website.

Can I get a discount when I reserve a vehicle?

Yes, we offer you a 10% discount on the daily rate for bookings that are not long term. You can get it by downloading our app and being part of our loyalty program. So, rent a car in Geel by booking through our app to get a discount.