Oscar Customer Service FAQ:

At Oscar, we strive for customer satisfaction, and part of this mission is to carefully collect your feedback. If you have any questions about how our car rental works or discuss any issues related to your booking - you are always welcome to get in touch via email, phone, or chat. 

Before contacting our customer service, please go through the list of Frequently Asked Questions to find answers you may need:

No. All locations at Oscar are independent, so all cars and trailers must always be delivered to the same location as the pick-up.

Yes, all our cars can be driven with category B / normal driver’s licenses.

There is technically no age limit or requirement for how long you have had a driver's license when you rent a car from Oscar. But in some cases, there may be an age restriction for renting vans, moving trucks, car transporters, or luxury cars. When you click on the desired car, the system will let you know if there is an age restriction for that selected car.

When you rent a car from Oscar, a deposit is always charged. Pay attention! You can only pay the Deposit thru our online payment system, this is possible with IDEAL or credit card. Please read more about the deposit policy here.

If canceled within 48 hours before the pick-up time, Oscar has the right to charge the full amount.

If the cancellation is made before the 48-hour time frame, you will only have to pay 25% of the rental price.

The price for extra kilometers depends on the type of car you want to rent and how many kilometers you need.

You can choose to pre-book kilometers with a quantity discount.

Another choice is to pay a standard price per kilometer, based on the exact number of kilometers driven, determined by the type and size of the car. More information about prices can be found here.

The rental period is normally from morning to morning, but the pick-up and drop-off times can vary, depending on the rental location.

The pick-up can, in many cases, take place later. However, it must be within the location's opening hours.

Some rental locations have a keybox, allowing the car to be delivered outside the opening hours; however, this must be done within the rental period.

Both liability and comprehensive insurances are included in the price.

But in the event of a car damage, there will be extra charges.

When purchasing an excess insurance, you can reduce your excess for the rental. Prices for extra insurances can vary, depending on the rental location.

Yes. You are welcome to drive abroad in our cars, but you must pay a fee so that the insurance is also valid abroad. The fee can be paid during the booking process, and the price may vary, depending on the rental location.

When you book a car through Oscar, information you enter during the booking process will appear on the rental contract.

Please pay attention - data about the driver and additional drivers must be also entered during the booking process.

Yes. On a search result page, you will see all available cars. Pelase click on "More information" and you will see dimensions of that car. 

If the dimensions are not listed, you are welcome to contact our customer service for more details: +32 2 616 36 56.

Yes. When you rent a car through Oscar, the price includes a roadside assistance.

You can find the telephone number for the roadside assistance at the top of the rental contract, which you will receive when picking up the car.

No. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash. You can easily pay through our online payment system with Ideal or credit card.

No. Fuel is not included in the price. The car must be delivered with the same level of fuel as when it was picked up.

Other people can drive the car only if they are listed as an extra driver/co-leaser and have a valid driver’s license.

The driver’s license must be presented at a pick-up location.

The car must be delivered in the same condition as when it was picked up.

This means that if the car got dirty during the rental period, it must be cleaned. If you fail to submit the clean car back, you will be charged a cleaning fee.

If you want to avoid a fee for driving to a recycling site, you must state that you have a rental car. If you forget, we will send you a bill.

No. Animals and smoking are not allowed in our rental cars. If you do not respect this agreement, you will be charged a fee.

When picking up the car, you must bring: 1) a payment card, 2) driver’s license, and 3) health insurance certificate.

Prices include:

- car rental

- accident and theft insurance


- 100 km per day.

If this is not enough, there are several options for extra services (such as extra kilometers, extra insurance, and accessories).

Prices may vary slightly, depending on the car rental location. This applies to both rental prices and the insurance.

In any scenario, you are always guaranteed the price that you got when you booked the car.

As a car renter, you are solely responsible for all parking and speeding fines during your rental period.

If you do not pay the fine, Oscar will charge the amount and an administration fee for processing the fine.

For questions about the rental or changes to the rental (for example, length of the rental) pelase contact our customer service at +32 2 616 36 56.

No. You must be able to present a valid driver’s license.

If you've just obtained a driver’s license or have a temporary driver’s license, you cannot rent a car through Oscar.

If you don't have a driver’s license from an EU country, you must present an international driver’s license.

Contact information

We would be happy to put together a customized offer for you. This applies to both individuals and businesses. Don’t hesitate to call or write if you have questions or comments.

Customer service

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