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Bluetooth, USB & AUX, Isofix, Apple CarPlay, Reversing camera, Air conditioning

Toyota Aygo

from €32.00 per day
5 Doors
4 Seats
5,7 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Load capacity
286 kg

Bluetooth, USB & AUX, Isofix, Air conditioning

Toyota Yaris

from €35.00 per day
Small car
5 Doors
5 Seats
Hybrid (petrol/el)
3,5 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Bluetooth, USB & AUX, Isofix, Air conditioning

Toyota Corolla

from €44.00 per day
Midsize car
5 Doors
5 Seats
Hybrid (petrol/el)
4,7 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Car hire in Liège

Welcome to Liège, a fascinating city in Belgium with a rich cultural heritage, a compelling history, and a vibrant atmosphere. If you are planning to visit Liège and are looking for a convenient and flexible way to explore this city and its surroundings, Oscar Car Rental is here to make your life easier.

With more than 40 locations spread throughout Belgium, including one right here in Liège, we offer quality car hire service and a hassle-free experience.

On this page, we will provide you with essential information about car rental in Liège so that you can make the most of your stay in this fantastic city. At Oscar Car Rental, we are here to help you get the most out of your visit to Liège.

Renting a car in Liège

If you are looking to rent a car in Liège, Oscar Car Rental offers an ideal solution. We provide you with a wide selection of cars, from compact city cars to mid-sized vehicles.

Whether you need a compact car for getting around the city or a more spacious car for family or group outings, Oscar Car Rental meets your needs. Our fleet includes quality vehicles that will offer you comfort and reliability throughout your stay in Liège.

Renting a car from us ensures that you have a flexible and convenient mobility solution to explore this beautiful city and its surroundings. Discover our full range of rental cars in Liège today.

Van rental in Liège

If you need to rent a van in Liège, Oscar Car Rental is here to meet your needs. We offer you a wide selection of vans, from medium-sized models to more spacious vans. Whether you are planning a move, have business needs, or a group outing, our vans are well-maintained and equipped to provide you with a hassle-free rental experience.

Renting a van in Liège has never been easier. At Oscar Car Rental, we are committed to providing practical and flexible rental solutions to facilitate your travels in this beautiful city and its surroundings. Discover our full range of van rentals in Liège today.

Minibus rental in Liège

If you are looking for minibus rental in Liège, Oscar Car Rental offers the ideal solution. We provide you with a varied selection of minibuses, including 8 and 9-seater vans to meet your group transportation needs.

Whether you are planning a family trip, an outing with friends, or a group excursion, our minibuses are modern, well-maintained, and equipped to offer you a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Minibus rental in Liège with Oscar Car Rental provides you with the flexibility and convenience you need to explore the city and its surroundings with peace of mind.

Moving truck rental in Liège

If you are planning a move in Liège, renting moving trucks from Oscar Car Rental is the perfect solution to facilitate this important stage in your life. We provide you with a range of spacious and well-maintained moving trucks, equipped with lift gates to make loading and unloading your belongings easy.

Renting a moving truck in Liège with Oscar Car Rental ensures a smooth and hassle-free moving process. Our vehicles are reliable and ready to accompany you during this significant transition.

Discover our fleet of moving trucks and get ready for a stress-free move in Liège.

Long-term car rental in Liège

For those looking for a flexible long-term car rental solution in Liège, Oscar Car Subscription offers the ideal answer. Our long-term car rental service includes everything you need, including insurance, maintenance, and taxes, all without an initial deposit. Plus, you have the freedom to cancel the contract every month, meaning you are not committed for the long term.

Whether you need a car in Liège for an extended period or simply want to enjoy the flexibility of a monthly subscription, Oscar Car Subscription is here to provide you with a hassle-free mobility solution. Enjoy the freedom of long-term car rental in Liège with Oscar Car Subscription.

Car rental for businesses in Liège

For our business customers in Liège, Oscar Car Rental offers a car rental service tailored to your business needs. Our business car rental includes a variety of vehicles, from compact cars to vans, to meet your professional mobility requirements.

We understand the importance of flexibility and reliability for businesses, which is why we offer competitive rates and flexible terms for business car rentals in Liège.

Whether it's for regular business trips, short-term projects, or fleet needs, we are here to provide you with car rental solutions tailored to your business. Contact Oscar Car Rental today to discover how we can optimize your business mobility in Liège.

Top attractions with a rental car from Oscar

Explore the treasures of Liège with your rental car. This dynamic Belgian city is full of tourist attractions to discover. Here are the top attractions in Liège that are easily accessible with a rental car:

  • La Cité Ardente: Start by exploring the heart of the city, where you will find lively streets, shops, restaurants, and welcoming cafes. Enjoy the friendliness and unique atmosphere of Liège.
  • La Collégiale Saint-Barthélemy: Visit this beautiful Gothic church located in the city center. The interior is adorned with stunning stained glass windows and sculptures, making this collegiate church an architectural treasure.
  • Le Grand Curtius: This must-visit museum showcases an impressive collection of art, craftsmanship, and historical objects. The exhibitions immerse you in the history and culture of the region.
  • La Montagne de Bueren: If you enjoy challenges, climb the 374 steps of this impressive outdoor staircase. You will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the city from the top.
  • Le Musée de la Boverie: Explore this contemporary art museum housing an exceptional collection of modern and contemporary artworks. The temporary exhibitions are always fascinating.
  • Le Parc de la Boverie: Enjoy a walk in this peaceful park located on the Meuse Island. It's the perfect place to relax, have a picnic, and appreciate nature in the heart of the city.
  • Le Musée Grétry: If you are passionate about classical music, visit the museum dedicated to the famous composer André Grétry. You will discover ancient instruments and musical memorabilia.
  • Le Fort de la Chartreuse: This former fortress is now a historic site to visit. You can explore the underground casemates, learn about the military history of the region, and enjoy stunning views of the city.
  • Le Parc de la Citadelle: This large park offers beautiful gardens, children's play areas, and ample space for outdoor picnics. It's an ideal place for a relaxing family day out.
  • L'Opéra Royal de Wallonie: If you are an opera enthusiast, be sure to check the schedule at the Liège Opera. World-class performances are a treat for music lovers.

Your rental car from Oscar Car Rental provides you with the necessary flexibility to explore these attractions at your own pace. Enjoy your visit to Liège and discover everything this exciting city has to offer.

Find out the most frequently asked questions by our customers in Liège

Find a selection of the main questions about our rental service in Liège:

What is the price to rent a car in Liège?

At Oscar Car Rental we have very competitive rates. You can rent one of our vehicles at an affordable price starting from €35 per day with Oscar Car Rental in Liège.

Is there any extra charge in case of being a driver under 25 years old?

No, we do not charge any extra fee. When you rent a car in Liège, you pay the same regardless of your age. You may be asked to pay a higher deposit, but don't worry, because it will be refunded at the end of the reservation, if everything went well with the vehicle. Please note that some of our vehicles have age restrictions.

Can I drive a van with my license?

Yes, everyone with a standard driving license (type B) can drive our vans and trucks. You can rent one of our vehicles in Liège using the search function on our website.

Can I get a discount when I reserve a vehicle?

Yes, we offer you a 10% discount on the daily rate for bookings that are not long term. You can get it by downloading our app and being part of our loyalty program. So, rent a car in Liège by booking through our app to get a discount.